A simple shell script to verify checksums

Often I find myself comparing checksums manually which is a bit cumbersome, so I wrote this trivial shell script to automate the verification.

if [ $# -lt 3 ] ; then
        echo 'usage -- compare-checksum.sh hashfunction filename checksum'
        exit 1
elif [ `$1 $2 | awk '{print $1}'` = $3 ] ; then
        echo 'File not corrupted. We are saved.';
        echo 'File corrupted. We are doomed.';


compare-checksum.sh sha1sum foobar.txt 988881adc9fc3655077dc2d4d757d480b5ea0e11

If there are multiple files and their corresponding checksums, then one can write them in a file in the following format

988881adc9fc3655077dc2d4d757d480b5ea0e11  foobar1.txt
988881adc9fc3655077dc2d4d757d480b5ea0e11  foobar2.txt
988881adc9fc3655077dc2d4d757d480b5ea0e11  foobar3.txt
988881adc9fc3655077dc2d4d757d480b5ea0e11  foobar4.txt

and run the following command to verify all of the checksums at once

sha1sum -c checksum.txt