Parsing a sms thread in a readable way on Android

First get SMS Backup & Restore app from Play store and backup all the sms and then take the xml and run the following snippet to generate a readable conversation in a text file.

from __future__ import print_function
from xml.dom import minidom

xmldoc = minidom.parse('/Users/narendrayadala/Downloads/sms-20130317085953.xml')
sms_file = open('/Users/narendrayadala/Downloads/Jyothi.txt', 'w')
smslist = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName('sms')

for sms in smslist:
    if sms.attributes['contact_name'].value == 'Jyothi Nerella':
        if sms.attributes['type'].value == '1':
            print(sms.attributes['readable_date'].value + u' - Jyothi: ' + sms.attributes['body'].value, file=sms_file)
            print(sms.attributes['readable_date'].value + u' - Narendra: ' + sms.attributes['body'].value, file=sms_file)

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